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The work completely depends on you. What kind of work do you do? As far as I know a person who keeps on working like a bull can never become rich new. In today's time in physical work, there is not as much income as you earn income from mental work. The choice is yours, whether you have to work hard or work smart. But if you want to become rich then you have to do smart work.


Everyone earns money, but according to me, the work in which you are satisfied, that way is the best.


Sometimes it happens, we go into a lot of depression due to work. But whether we like the work or not, we have to do that work for the sake of the family. 

I only believe that it is our duty to manage money and time well, and it is also very important to spend time with our family.



Therefore, according to me, you need to do such work in which you are happy, the salary would be very much today, tomorrow it may seem less.


Work is the only thing that you can love, and according to which you want to expand that work, and the more you will be able to earn wealth.

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