We feel that money is everything. All happiness comes from money. But it's not like that. If you want real happiness in life then you need only 2 things.

1. Love 

2. Respect. 


No matter what anyone says, but this thing definitely comes in the mind of everyone that I wish there was a true lover.


It's okay to be a bachelor today, but not today, tomorrow whenever you get married, when you get into a relationship, it is very difficult to survive without love.


Be it friendship, love, or any relationship in the world, every person has his own respect. Take the example of marriage itself. In today's time, every girl wants to do something on her own because long ago girls were considered a burden.


Check out the life of 1 more example, celebrities and film stars. Both husband and wife earn money yet why get divorced. Reason is just lack of love and respect.

I know how important money is for a good life. But you cannot live a better life with money alone. Love and respect is very important.


To earn money, one has to invest capital first, the return is received later. Everyone wants happiness, but we have to invest happiness first. Then you will get return.

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