I never took Habit seriously like that. What happened to me, I used to consider myself very smart, but one day I felt that what is it that I am not able to move forward in my life.

I started to understand that no matter how much knowledge you have. All that becomes useless if your habits are not right. I was not able to improve the habits of sleeping and I used to spend most of my time in mobile and sleeping.

The problem occurs when you come to know that you have made a very wrong habit, and you are not able to change yourself even if you want.


That's why we need to make such habits which can take us towards our Goal. For your information, let me tell you, 40% of whatever work you do during the day is done automatically because of your habits. 



If you become only 1% better every day, then after 1 year you will be 37 times better.

But if you become 1% bad everyday then you will be zero after 1 year.